Top 12 Gifts for Vacation Rental Homeowners

Vacation rental amenities can turn a great guest experience into an unforgettable one. Check out these top 12 gifts that will elevate any short-term vacation rental.

Guests celebrating and playing games

Vacation rental amenities can turn a great guest experience into an unforgettable one. A satisfied guest can lead to a positive review which can drive more bookings, repeat guests, and ultimately more revenue.

If you know someone with a short-term vacation rental, or maybe you want to treat yourself, consider gifting them one of these vacation rental amenities to elevate the guest experience and maximize their home’s value. From birthdays to Mother’s or Father’s Day, check out our top 12 gifts for vacation rental homeowners.

Vacation rental amenities gift ideas

  • Mega Four in a Row
  • Mega Jumbling Tower
  • Cornhole boards
  • Rolling patio cooler
  • Around the Block bikes
  • Foosball table
  • Poker table
  • Pedestal fire pit table
  • Shuffleboard table
  • Multi-use ping pong table
  • Pool table
  • Bonus gift: deluxe basketball game

Mega Four in a Row

connect four game

$100 at Saks Fifth Avenue

The Mega Four in a Row set is perfect for poolside lounging or cozy family game nights by the fire. This stylish take on a popular classic comes with a hand-painted pine playing board and 42 wooden chips. Standing at 18.75 inches tall and 23.5 inches wide, the Mega Four in a Row set is larger than the original but can easily be moved around your short-term vacation rental for impromptu game sessions.

Mega Jumbling Tower

jumbling tower game

$120 at Saks Fifth Avenue

The Mega Jumbling Tower is another great addition for vacation rental backyard hangs. Fun for all ages, this natural timber stacker includes 45 gold and white hand-painted blocks. At the start of gameplay, the tower stands at two feet tall, so be sure to give your guests plenty of space for stacking and the inevitable tumbling.

Cornhole boards

cornhole game setup in backyard

$225 at Elakai

Add some friendly competition to any backyard barbecue with these mahogany cornhole boards. This two-by-four-foot regulation cornhole board set features a premium-grade plywood deck with a solid mahogany frame. These boards are lightweight and portable with built-in carrying handles, so guests can easily set up or move the game throughout the space.

Rolling patio cooler

patio cooler filled with drinks

$250 at Permasteel

Give guests the option to move the fun from the patio to the pool to the ping pong table and everywhere in between with a rolling patio cooler. This stylish, steel cooler can hold 80 quarts, equivalent to 100 12 ounce cans plus ice. Your vacation rental guests won’t have to pause the party with this convenient cart, equipped with a bottle opener, cap catcher, and insulated basin that keeps drinks cold for up to 36 hours.

Around the Block bikes

Bikes at AvantStay's William Way Mesquite38 home in Coachella Valley

$330 at Sixthreezero

Bikes are a great vacation rental amenity that give guests the freedom to explore nearby attractions. The Around the Block bike by Sixthreezero is a low-maintenance bike built for comfort—perfect to have ready for guests who want to cruise to the beach, check out the local farmers’ market, and more. These bikes are available in multiple speeds and are ideal for casual to up-tempo rides.

Foosball table

Guests using the foosball table at an AvantStay property

$999 at Crate and Barrel

Bring the arcade to your short-term vacation rental with a sleek, modern foosball table. At nearly five feet in length, this fast-paced game can easily fit in a dedicated game room, covered patio, or main living space. The table is made from engineered wood and steel and can accommodate two to four players at one time.

Poker table

people playing poker at a game table

$1,449 at Pottery Barn

Raise the stakes of game nights at your short-term vacation rental with a poker table. Guests will appreciate the rustic yet modern design of this mahogany table, doubling as a statement piece post-game. With built-in beverage holders and the option to complete the set with matching chairs, the only things missing are your deck of cards and poker chips.

Pedestal fire pit table

Fire pit table at AvantStay's Granite Road Timberline propery in Lake Tahoe

$1,699 at West Elm

From deserts to mountains to beaches, a fire pit is a must-have for any short-term vacation rental outdoor space. This luxurious centerpiece is perfect for outdoor lounging, wine nights by the fire, and family s’more sessions. The glass fiber reinforced concrete frame is covered in a weather-resistant sealant to withstand all elements. Powered by propane, the fire pit will instantly warm up your space with a simple push-button spark ignition.

Shuffleboard table

shuffleboard table at AvantStay's 61st Ave home in Buena Vista

$1,755 at Fairview Game Rooms

Shuffleboard is an old-time favorite and a great addition to your vacation rental amenities. At nine feet in length, this table is on the smaller end of shuffleboard tables so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space. There’s also a handy storage cabinet built into one of the pedestal legs to keep extra pucks and sand out of sight.

Multi-use ping pong table

ping pong table on patio

$2,000 at Wayfair

Maximize your short-term rental living space with a multi-use ping pong table. Guests can go from ping pong tournaments to dining al fresco in seconds with this convertible indoor/outdoor table by simply removing the steel net. When ping pong isn’t in play, this table can be used as a dining or conference table, comfortably seating 10 to 12 people.

Pool table

pool table ready for gameplay

$6,400 at West Elm

A pool table is an essential piece for any short-term rental game room. This pool table from West Elm is built-to-last and withstand guest use, crafted from walnut, leather drop pockets, and spill-resistant felt. Complete with a rack and accessories kit, this table comes ready for pool sharks and rookie players alike.

Bonus gift: deluxe basketball game

$2,500 at CB2

If you’re looking to gift or buy yourself that wow-factor for a short-term rental, look no further than this revamped arcade-classic basketball game. Featuring black genuine leather, brass backboard, and black nylon chording, this deluxe basketball game is so luxurious you won’t want to miss a shot—baskets or photo ops.

Furnishing a short-term rental and selecting the best vacation rental amenities for your guests can be hard work. If you or someone you know want to partner with a management company, our Guide to Choosing the Best Vacation Rental Management Company will help you find the right company for your needs.  

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